Mapping the looting of the Russian army in Ukraine

June 13, 2022
Mediazona tracks on an interactive map how Russian soldiers have shipped 58 tonnes of packages (plus a military drone) to Russia from the border with Ukraine.
Mediazona investigated how allegedly looted goods were sent from Ukraine back to Russia by tracking the use of the transport company CDEK by Russian soldiers. Having monitored 13 towns on the Russia-Ukraine and Russia-Belarus border, it discovered a spike in shipments since the start of the war, as well as “unusual postal links” between cities, which it claims “confirms suspicions of rampant looting” by the Russian army.

According to the investigation, over three months 58 tonnes of suspicious packages were sent to Russia. Charts in the article give the average weight of the packages and the total volume being sent on different days, while an interactive map shows the volume of goods sent to different Russian cities. An interactive infographic demonstrates the links between the towns sending goods and the cities receiving them. Besides Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St Petersburg, the city of Yurga in Kemerovo Region, where only 80,000 people live, suspiciously ranked as a top destination, having received more than 5.5 tonnes of shipments from Ukraine.

The article ends with footage from a camera at the CDEK in Valuyki in which Russian soldiers are sending clothes, canned food, equipment and car tires, among much more, back home. Someone in uniform even sent an Orlan drone, apparently stolen from the Russian army. This adds the finishing touches to the picture of rampant looting in Ukraine.

Digest written by the Russia.Post editorial team. See the original here.
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